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Multifamily Construction Services

At Kilgore Industries, we focus on designing and building multistory and high-rise apartments. Our multifamily contracting solutions employ lean processes and the best construction skills to complete projects faster and more cost-effectively.

Design Services

Multifamily - Design-Build

Design-build is a cost-effective single point-of-contact contracting service that manages all aspects of design to project delivery in-house, which allows completing projects faster, reduces project costs, eliminates design conflicts, and increases accuracy.

Design-Build Benefits:

  • Reduces design fees
  • Expedites project start
  • Lowers labor costs
  • Reduces material usage
  • Reduces material costs
  • Fast-tracks procuring schedule
  • Reduces engineering submittal process lag
  • Expedites procurement of materials
  • Eliminates subcontractor bidding
  • Rapid budget allocation

Multifamily - Design-Assist

A service that leverages our multifamily expertise collaborating with engineers, architects, contractors, and owners; during the design development process on Multistory and High-rise projects. The design-assist is cost-effective approach that eliminates design discrepancies, enhances scheduling and planning tasks while increasing the overall quality of the project.

Design-Assist Benefits:

  • Reduces/eliminate design discrepancies
  • Expedites project start
  • Reduces RFI’s (requests for information)
  • Reduces/eliminates change orders
  • Increases schedule efficiencies
  • Increases communication among parties
  • Expedites prefabrication planning
  • Reduces material usage
  • Lowers material costs

Multifamily Contracting Services

Multifamily - New Construction

Kilgore’s multifamily contracting approach is based on lean construction principles that maximize efficiency, mitigates risk, reduce waste, and provide cost-effective results. Kilgore uses the latest technology and real-time data to speed communication enabling intelligent decision-making throughout the construction project ecosystem.

New Construction Benefits:

Multifamily - Retrofit Construction

A construction approach that focuses on modernizing aging multistory and high-rise spaces. Leveraging lean principles, technology, and our design-build expertise, Kilgore elaborates the best execution plan focusing on energy-efficient designs, minimizing disruption, and rapid project delivery.

Retrofit Construction Benefits:

  • In-house 3D scanning
  • Concrete scanner – locates embedded objects
  • Leverage VDC / BIM capabilities
  • Prefabricated multi-trade corridor racks
  • Procore project management tool
  • MEP contracting services
  • In-house team of detailers
  • Safety management program
  • Lean logistic processes
  • Fabrication capabilities
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